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Boost your confidence, command attention, and step up your career game

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5 Days To Speak With More Confidence

Speak Up & Be Heard

Are you tired of feeling invisible during meetings and discussions at work?

Do nerves and anxiety hold you back from delivering powerful presentations?

Are you eager to improve your communication skills and pave your way towards a successful career?

If any of these sound familiar, our 5-Day Confidence Challenge is exactly what you need! In only five days, we will equip you with the strategies and techniques necessary to enhance your confidence, captivate your audience, and refine your communication skills.

Here’s a sneak peek at what each day of the challenge brings:

day 1

Mastering the Art of Voice Projection

Unlock the power of your voice by learning how to project it effectively in any situation.

day 2

Overcoming Anxiety in Speaking Situations 

Acquire practical techniques to manage anxiety and maintain poise during presentations.

day 3

Engaging Your Audience through Storytelling

Master storytelling as a tool for building connections with listeners and keeping them engaged.

day 4

Commanding Attention with Body Language & Eye Contact

Discover how confident body language and eye contact can give you authority in any setting.

day 5

Enhancing Communication through Active Listening 

Sharpen your active listening skills for improved interactions with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders.

Speak Up & Level Up Today

Imagine, 5 days from now, when you can speak up with confidence and not feel anxious any more.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

5 Day challenge


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Richard Butler

Communications Coach

Accredited Communications Coach, NLP Practitioner and trainer with over 25 years experience. My style is to encourage and help you get the most from life.



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Alex Juan Monjo

5-Day to speak with more confidence

Thank you, it was very useful, interesting and easy to follow all the steps of the course. A good method and great course to get a good connection between our speech and the listener. I realized that to be confident is the key to get it.

1 month ago
Priscilla Akpaita

5-Day Course

Thank you for the course. It was manageable. I went thru the activity once just to get a glimpse for what was to come. After view all of the days I started again and completed the activity. I believe the program is great and complete with information of what to do when facing certain situations. Thanks for creating a wonderful course.

1 month ago
Liz McConnell

5 Days to speak with more confidence

What a great course for tackling all the things you need to set yourself up for success. Such a simple and easy to follow layout. I wasn't able to stick to the 5 day part but each section is short enough for most people to find time to fit it in and smash it. I went back to replay one of the lessons and that was so simple and easy to do. With lifetime access I'm sure I'll take advantage of going in to view it again in the future as I start putting some of the practical points into action. One small area that confused me a bit was the quiz. I got a couple of questions wrong and therefore 'failed' that module. It would have been really useful to know where I went wrong and been given the opportunity to go back and do it again. I don't like 'failing' hence the loss of a star. You have a lovely calm presentation style Richard and with the easy to read notes you covered the topics in each section very well. Overall I love the layout and the ease of movement between modules.

3 months ago